The All Almighty’s Divine Guidance

It is He who we belong to, and It is He who we shall return to.

Many of us, especially during this period of instability, are questioning almost everything. If you find this happening to you often, perhaps it may be time to rekindle your faith in God. Let His salvation carry you through the most troubling times of your life.

Of course, it’s completely normal to find your faith faltering, especially during times like this. Life is not a straight line, and neither is faith; they have motion. That is why this is not our final destination. Nothing is perfect here, so it’s important to seek help from the lord.

God accepts us and loves us all equally. Do you know why? Because He created us, He created you; specifically, you. And when He created you, there was a lot of love put forth in His design. Take this as a message because He would never let you come across this if He didn’t want you to. Let this moment be your sign of awakening, and let it shine brighter than you ever have by turning to the lord.

Let the goodness sink into your heart and let it guide you. If you don’t know where to start, you can always seek help. You can always take small steps and start talking to Jesus whenever you can, whether before sleeping, after waking up or while sitting at the table. Converse with Him and tell Him what’s in your heart, trust him with your deepest fears and repent.

The next step is going to church. Any local church will do. If you go on a Sunday, that would be a fantastic step, but remember to familiarize yourself with your surroundings before you do. The essence of being a part of a Church is not to deprive others of what you have to offer. By this point, you’re doing great and are almost there!

Now, remember, your progress is never measured by comparing yourself to others; it’s measured by comparing you to yesterday’s version of yourself. So be sure to ask yourself every day if you’ve done anything that is in service of God. Be sure to stay humble and guide others along the way. And remember, guidance comes in all forms and shapes, this being one of them. Do not be aggressive towards yourself or think it’s too late. Right now, it’s not. If you start today, this very second, then you aren’t late; you’re just on time, just the way our lord intended for you to be.