About The Book

Living in the Kingdom of Man – Grass to Grace

Living in the Kingdom of Man – Grass to Grace is the perfect spiritual guide for all those seeking the miracles of Jesus. The book includes Bible quotes and detailed explanations for those searching for Christian salvation. Written in poignant words, it explains the kingdom of the biblical God and empowers women, asking them to reclaim their lives through their words and actions. It allows them to break the religious stereotypes and rewrite their own rules.

Patra Kidwell’s Living in the Kingdom of Man – Grass to Grace serves as a calling to those who believe in Jesus and also to those seeking the higher power. It talks about Jesus being the bridegroom who joins couples in marriage, allowing them to have a better future. It spreads the message of involving Jesus in your daily life and using His lessons to accomplish your love and destiny.

Why Read it

Living in the Kingdom of Man – Grass to Grace

If you are looking for God and want to increase your knowledge about Jesus and the Bible, this book will inspire you toward the Christian faith. It is profoundly written, containing a subtle but deep message about the nature of humankind and how it ties us to the Lord, allowing us to connect with Him.

Book Chapters

Chapter 1

Introduction of My Life

Chapter 2

Fighting Back as A Young Woman, Incidents Which Were Not Usually Found

Chapter 3

Dealing with Marriages, Culture, And Children Raised in a Different Culture

Chapter 4

Dealing with Personal Demons, Including Being a Woman Is Second Class

Chapter 5

Being Alone but Not Lonely-Helping Myself and Loving Myself

Chapter 6

Hearing from The Creator, Receiving Strength

Chapter 7

I Am God's Original, Confidence, and Loyalty

Chapter 8

Write Your Own Executive Orders

Chapter 9

Kingdom of God

Chapter 10

Everything Is Written in The Codes