About The Book


I Married My Personal Chef chronicles the journey of the inner self-seeking wisdom and healing from God, highlighting the importance of connecting with oneself to get into our sovereign self, mind, body, and soul. This book teaches us that the road to self-discovery has the potential to lead us to religious enlightenment and spiritual development, freeing us from the lies that surround the world.

There is only one inevitable journey that we all must take; the journey to the one undeniable truth Jesus has foretold. Jesus shared the suffering of mankind and called others who travelled this familiar road to the path of God. This insightful book calls us to join this divine path and provides the inspirational and true “Bible roadmap,” which is a form of divine guidance from God. The collection of Bible verses will compel the readers toward reflection, inspiration, and recovery, especially for the ones who are trying to strengthen their faith. I Married My Personal Chef emphasizes self-journeying through the realms of inner knowledge and finding our glorious purpose in an eternal perspective.

Why Read it


I Married My Personal Chef is a deeply motivational book that will resonate with a wide variety of audiences throughout the world and enlighten their inner journeys with the divine guidance from the Almighty. In this phenomenal self-help book, Dr. Patra Kidwell demonstrates the power of aligning our souls with our Creator through incredible spiritual power and pure intentions. It also teaches us concrete ways to fulfill God’s Kingdom and become the light in this dark world, distinguishing the lies from the truth.

With the knowledge from the Bible and the teachings of our Lord Jesus, this book dives into the glorious guidance we can find through self-reflection and self-introspection. I Married My Personal Chef offers a beautiful portrait of the power of hope and the importance of divine guidance in a dark world. Uncover the secrets of yourself by treading the journey of spiritual awakening and strengthen your faith with this enlightening read:

Book Chapters

Chapter 1

Marriage Blessing

Chapter 2

Religiosity Took Your Power

Chapter 3

Knowing Yourself

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Taking A Stand

Chapter 6

Planet Shift

Chapter 7

Prayer Points and Scriptural Inspirations

Chapter 8

The Marriage Blessing Ceremony

Chapter 9

The Bible RoadMap

Chapter 10

The Pioneer of This Era

Chapter 11

The Divine People Which Is You