Finding Peace In Hope; A Spiritual Awakening

Today’s world is restless, fast-paced, and utterly disintegrated. You may wonder why that is, and the simplest answer would be that the world has lost its essence of peace. People have lost their essence of peace. To keep things simple, you, as a person, may feel restless and not have peace because a certain element in your life may be missing. What is that element? Let’s try to unpackage what that means and help you regain this treasured element.

If it is captured, this element’s essence is like the longing of a soldier’s wife after he has gone to war or a high school student when his eyes shut with his letter in his hand—not knowing whether he got in or not. These moments have two things in common;

One, their situation doesn’t allow them to know what the future holds for them, and two, regardless of not knowing the future, they hold onto one thing tightly: the element! To be a little clearer, in all these moments, the object or living being held onto the hope of the situation improving. Hope is the one element that can move mountains. And when the world lacks it, it is no wonder their peace is disrupted.

Here’s a small reality check, it is nearly impossible for anyone to be at peace in the 21st century. If you still believe that you are someone who’s at peace, then you might want to think again. When was the last time you were in tune with your inner self? When was the last time you validated your emotions? When was the last time you actually hoped and looked forward to something other than your paycheck? If the answer makes you take back your statement, don’t worry, we’ve all been there. The good news is that it is now the perfect opportunity to incorporate the vital element needed to live a peaceful life.

Now you may wonder about the relationship between hope and peace, and the answer once again is quite simple. When there is hope, you get a reason to move forward with life, excel, or even just relax. And that sense of hope may drive you, but it also gives you a warm feeling inside or, to define it better, it makes you feel secure instead of urging you to fear the unknown.

To conclude, this is what gives you a sense of peace. Perhaps it may be time for you to tap into your spiritual side and ask yourself the questions you need to develop hope. The world will continue on at its pace, but without hope in the balance, there will be nothing to look forward to apart from a dead end. Make your life worth it. Instead of surviving it—live it. As they say, hope for the best and prepare for the worst.