Become God’s Light In This Darkened World

As our beloved lord had predicted, things would go downhill as an indication of the Day of Judgement setting its firm grasp around the fragile Earth, and with it, the Devil has firmly intertwined his long sinful fingertips with most of the oblivious beings that walk on the surface. The fine lines between right and wrong keep getting blurrier and blurrier as the sun rises to tell us another day has begun. Even though it may seem like it’s an average day, if you look closely, it is easier to point out that we are headed towards eternal darkness.

It is almost as if our lord, our penultimate creator, has been forgotten. So many things get lost in translation, we have forgotten how to cleanse ourselves and how to open our minds. The darkness is unavoidable but it’s easier to light a candle of hope, to become a better person and show our lord how good still exists in the world.

As we move forward, we must rekindle the flame He has set for us. It is time to give back the love our lord gave us unconditionally. In an era where all hope is lost, and the only thing foreseeable is eternal darkness, we must shine and act out as God’s light. We must repent before all hope is lost, we must get out there and bring back our roots back. We must return to our religion before we return and face the lord’s wrath because, by that time, it will be too late, and there will be no turning back then.

To start, we must better ourselves and work toward the path of self-improvement. Even amidst darkness, we must aim to become the source of light and let Him be aware of our presence, rather than be engulfed by it. We must rise and pick others up with us. Even a handful of efforts can reverse this!

We may not have been there for our Lord when He was crucified, but we must be there for him now during this ignorant era. We must outshine this ignorance and beg the lord to spare us his wrath. There is still time, and every minute counts. Take this as a sign to change and to bring it forward as it starts within you and then goes forward with you. Again, we are all the children of God, and He loves us all equally but now is the time to show him you love him too and are going to stand firmly with your belief. Stand with Jesus. Let us undo the Devil’s knot together.