About The Author

Patra Kidwell

Patra Kidwell lives in the United States of America her Italian American partner. She makes the most of her time juggling between her children and grandchildren, studying, and conducting research to liberate mankind. She is a passionate speaker and has appeared on various platforms in her effort to liberate the nations with her words. Her work serves as the much-needed inspiration the world seeks.

Author Biography

Patra Kidwell

A Nigerian American, Patra Kidwell was born into Royalty and now serves more like a Prophet to the nations, changing lives globally by educating and releasing people from hopelessness, poverty, prayerlessness, and an enclosed mindset. She is a mentor and a coach who uses Biblical principles while speaking about life to thousands. She also educates people on how they can discover their hidden gifts and determine their purpose in life. One of the most sought-after women of our time, she uses her position as modern Easter to do humanitarian work globally. She is the modern-day Deborah speaking to the nations with a great liberating mindset.

Kidwell is an influential speaker who has spoken at huge conferences and moved crowds with the magic she weaves through her choice of words. She has a staunch Biblical belief and is one of the very few female ministers to enjoy a significantly elevated position. She is believed to be one of God’s chosen vessels – someone who has specifically been anointed to guide others and propagate their faith.
  • She was trained overseas and has instructed and participated in graduations of over 1500 students in different ministry degree categories.
  • She is, in general, a consultant with the UN, and an Ambassador for Peace, having traveled globally for peace missions, i.e., South Korea and African Nations.
  • As an International Speaker and Educator, she has studied and taught the true offices of the ministry holders.
  • She has received official recognition from the Maryland general assembly as an outstanding leader.
  • She was recognized for her commitment to strengthening our nation and communities through volunteer service centering on Education by the corporation for national and community service, the corporation for national and community service, and the office of the president of the United States awards.
  • She also achieved a lifetime achievement award for her commitment to building a strong nation through volunteering service.
Patra has a Higher National Diploma in Sec/Admin from Lagos State College of Technology. She is a Dr, of Philosophy and Theology/Ministry at My Life Theological University, USA. She also serves as a Dr. of Divinity in Georgia’s Believers Bible College. Kidwell is a businesswoman with immense knowledge, an author, and an international speaker who teaches others to educate and set captives free.