Patra Kidwell

Being a deep empath, international speaker, brave mother, grandmother, and wife, Patra Kidwell’s religious enlightenment gives her the additional skills and expertise to write insightful books on spirituality and divine guidance. With the help of sacred Bible scriptures, Patra emphasizes the importance of religious and spiritual development, inspiring many individuals through their inner journey.

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Patra Kidwell

Patra Kidwell is a Doctor of Philosophy and is a wonderful mother and grandmother to some incredible children. Being an inventor and motivator at heart, Patra Kidwell aspires to give a unique insight into the spiritual and divine world to readers from all walks of life. Through her books, she narrates how this path of religious enlightenment can lead us out of the greatest darkness of this world and strives to shed light on the importance of self-reflection. Her passion for prayer and desire to motivate people led her to inspire masses from across the world and aid their journey to divine guidance. Patra also believes in encouraging people through counseling, coaching, and mentoring to help them find a higher purpose in life.

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About The Book

Living in the Kingdom of Man – Grass to Grace

If you’ve been looking for a divine sign or seeking the miracles of Jesus, then Living in the Kingdom of Man – Grass to Grace, is the right pick for you. The book is a spiritual guide for those who are searching for Jesus. Through Bible quotes and detailed explanations for those searching for Christian salvation, Patra Kidwell has penned an amazing guide for mankind. Written in poignant words, it explains the kingdom of the biblical God and empowers women, asking them to reclaim their lives through their words and actions. The powerful content pushes them to break the religious stereotypes and rewrite their own rules, in light of the divine.

About The Book

I Married My Personal Chef

Are you feeling lost and dejected by this world? Do you seek guidance from the Lord and aspire to find deep inner healing? I Married My Personal Chef is a book about reconnection with one’s inner self and finding enlightenment within one’s soul with the help of divine knowledge. This unique journey offers encouragement, inspiration, and strength to people who suffer from the darkness in this world and opens your eyes to the truth from God.

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Patra Kidwell

Finding Peace In Hope; A Spiritual Awakening

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